Where: Wilder St Studio Yoga workshop
When: Sunday 14th May 1-4pm
Cost: £25
Contact: extremeyogis(at)gmail.com

An afternoon of fun and adventurous flow with an emphasis on the core strength, core stability and how to incorporate this into our balance and inversions.

Gain a deeper understanding of your balance and inversions and how to apply this to any asana.

Core Strength & Core Stability

The act of going upside down is a very liberating, almost childlike experience. We push through the boundary of fear and our entire world is literally flipped upside down. The physical benefits of inversions are an instant reversal of the effects of gravity on the body…we can feel this clearly in the heaviness of our legs and the increased blood flow to the brain is very awakening; there are also suggested benefits to our immune system. Mentally we are focused completely on our asana or else the balance is lost and we tumble out, we benefit from the confidence of trying new things and of breaking through fear and anxiety. But first we have to find our balance and this is easier said than done. Balances are so called because there should be very little effort involved once we find our stable point and this is all down to body alignment and awareness of our mid­point. To find, control and maintain this alignment we need strength in the right places and at the right time. More often than not this will relate to our core strength and stability.

In this particular workshop we work with various asanas together to develop a functional understanding of core strength and stability. What is our core? What is the difference between core strength and stability? Open versus closed core positioning? How does core stability relate to the bandhas? How can we isolate and strengthen our core muscles and how do we actually recruit them when we need them? So many questions and hopefully all of them and more will be answered in an adventurous but fun practise and exploration!

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