Yang Hatha Yoga

Day: Friday
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am
Cost: £5 per session
Contact: Lisette on 07831 953057 or info(at)blissbyliz.com

Teaching a yoga class in St Andrews park Bristol

In Yang hatha yoga we flow from one posture into the other, with an emphasis on postural alignment. The postures vary from gentle to challenging. This is done in a safe and welcoming environment; for those just starting their yoga journey and those who’ve been doing yoga for a longer period. Great care is taken that the basic postures are known to every one in the class.

I strive to be extra aware of previous injuries my students might have and feel it is important to incorporate modifications into the class for different levels of practice and for injuries. I always do my best to adjust the class to suit all levels and to take time to explain poses in more detail if needed.

For more information or to book your place, please contact Lisette at 07831 953057

Visit Lisette’s website at : www.blissbyliz.com

About the teacher

I first did yoga when I was twelve, but it wasn’t until I started working full-time in an office that I felt the need to do yoga on a more regular basis. I wanted to contradict the effects of sitting hunched over behind a computer all the time and decide to take up yoga again.

Lisette teaching Yang Hatha Yoga

I trained with the Yoga Academy and am qualified as a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, specialising in hatha and yin yoga. My training had a strong anatomical focus, which led to the emphasis on safety and alignment in my classes. I am passionate about sharing my love for yoga and helping other people discover the joy, wonders and liberation that yoga can bring.

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