Tai chi

Day: WednesdayTai chi Class in Wilder Studio
Time: 7:30am – 8:30am
Cost: £6
Contact: Sam 07531311440  taichibeginners(at)gmail.com

Tai chi is a sophisticated and complex art that is the product of centuries of
Chinese physical and philosophical refinement. It is at once a martial art, a system of health and a form of meditation.
Tai chi can be practiced by anyone of any age or ability and can greatly improve your health in many ways.
Through gentle movement and standing meditation your body learns to relax, your mind relaxes and your posture improves.You will find you have more energy, better balance and feel stronger and healthier. Tai chi in the park
Tai chi is an internal martial art and places emphasis on relaxation and posture to achieve power and technique.
Remarkably the same exercises and methods that eventually lead to martial power are also incredibly beneficial to health.

The most important principles in Tai Chi are relaxation and posture. In the stressful and sedentary modern world it is perhaps the
best form of exercise one can do and learning to stand, sit and move correctly will ensure good health long into old age.


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About the teacher

Tai chi

I have been practicing Tai Chi for 8 years and am a fully certified instructor with the Tai Chi union for Great Britain. My Teacher Mark Leonard has 30 years experience teaching Tai Chi passed down from Grandmaster Chen XiaoWang, his son Chen YingJun and his UK based disciple Karel Koskuba.

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