Sunday is a day for relaxation, a time to reset and chill out.
At Wilder Studios we have a day of meditative classes that can get you blissfully ready for the week ahead or help you recover from the Saturday night before!

From 10am we have a Dynamic Meditation class. It’s a one hour active meditation class that is designed to release inner blocks and inhibitions. It’s a class designed for anyone who is interested in using meditation in their every day lives. The session involves deep breathing, catharsis , jumping, dance and stillness. Just close your eyes and enjoy the inner experience.
It’s only £3 a class and you can just drop in and enjoy the calm.
If you’re interested contact:
Islam- 0117 9550490 or Annie – 07079201948

Usually in the afternoon we have some kind of workshop based on self care or wellbeing it’s always worth taking a look at our timetable to see what was coming up.

Then in the evening (7:45pm) we have  candlelight yoga. As well as a way to relax, this class is also a way to challenge yourself and charge up for the week ahead. Lis will teach you Yin Yoga, a gentle form of yoga that focuses on balance, staying in postures for 3 to 7 minutes. It teaches you to listen to your body and accept its requests and learn to yield. Interested? It’s £7 per session or £25 for 5 classes, if you want more information contact Lis 07831953057 or

So how about making Wilder St. Studio your sanctuary this Sunday.

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