Studio Policy, Terms & Conditions

By signing up as a teacher with WILDER STUDIOS you are entering into a contract by which you are agreeing unconditionally to abide by the studio’s terms and conditions and house rules as detailed below. This Agreement shall evidence the complete terms and conditions under which the parties have agreed. Hereafter any teacher or Lessee of Wilder Street Studio shall be referred to as “RESIDENT”

Times and dates are subject to availability and approval from a member of the WILDER STUDIOS team. WILDER STUDIOS reserve the right to refuse and reschedule. WILDER STUDIOS reserves the right to cancel bookings at any time with or without prior notice or explanations. Any booking that is cancelled by WILDER STUDIOS would not be chargeable.
Bookings can be made using the contact details below and are not valid until confirmed by email or sms:
• Email:
• Phone: 07522 522 723 (Company Mobile)

For regular weekly classes, 30 days notice is required for the cancellation of a session without charge; this includes weekends and bank holidays. If a session is cancelled with less than 30 days notice, the full cost of the session will be charged. For spot bookings, workshops and evening events, all bookings are final and no refund will be given for cancelled sessions.  Allowances for cancellations due to extreme circumstances are made at the prerogative of WILDER STUDIOS management.

Payment method for all sessions is by BAC’s unless prior arrangement with Wilder Studios has been agreed. All cash payments are to be made on the day of the session. All BAC’s payments are to be made within fourteen days of an invoice being issued. Non-payment of rent and/or any other charges may lead to the termination of your agreement without notice and right of access to the premises will be withdrawn.

RESIDENTS are responsible to pay in full for the time slots in which they have booked their session for. Sessions can be extended or shortened if room is available but is subject to agreement by a WILDER STUDIOS member of staff. No refunds or reduction in payment would be eligible if sessions are shortened. Extended sessions would be subject to full payment of the normal hourly rates.

For all bookings of two hours or more, a bookings deposit equal to 100% of the total hourly rate is payable in advance. This deposit is non-refundable and is meant to ensure commitment to your booking. Cleaning deposits vary depending on the size of your event and are repaid after your event once the cleaning company has been paid. If a security deposit is taken, it is held against damage to the studio and the contents within. It is also held against cancelled classes and losses that Wilde Studios may incur due to your booking. Your cleaning & security deposits are fully refundable for cancelled bookings, however, a charge may be incurred for last minute cancellations where Wilder Studios has employed and external cleaning company and they require a cancellation charge.

House Rules

Safety ~ “It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone in the studio during your class times and immediately afterwards”.

  • You need to ensure all persons act in a responsible and safe manner and that they are supervised by you at all times.
  • It is your responsibility to know what the procedure is in an emergency.
  • You are also responsible for the safety of the studio and the possession within it.
  • Be aware of who you allow entry to the studio, if there is a class immediately after yours ensure the teacher has arrived to accept responsibility for the studio before you leave any of their students unattended inside the studio. If their teacher does not arrive then ask them to wait outside, until they do.
  • The studio door must be securely closed if you are the last out of the studio, ensure it is by checking it before you go.
  • If you are unclear in any of this contact the studio manager.

House Keeping ~ “Leave the studio in the same manner that you found it.”

  • This means all glasses, mugs beakers and plates are to be collected up, washed and put away.
  • All litter and rubbish is to be collected and put in the kitchen bin.
  • All empty bottles to be collected and put in the recycling.
  • All spillages need to be mopped up immediately.
  • If you classes have used the kitchen area, ensure it is clean and the sides have been wiped down.
  • Tea and Coffee is provided for you and your class, a small donation is required towards this services.

Obligations of Studio Use

  • The studio will be left promptly at the end of the allocated time.
  • The studio will be left in the condition in which it was found.
  • All window and doors will be locked and all appliances switched off.
  • They are solely responsible for the well-being and behaviour of all persons in the studio whilst they are, and/or persons allowed access by the RESIDENT or their class.
  • They are solely responsible for all furniture, equipment and properties belonging to Wilder Street Studio whilst the studio is in use and that any damage, loss, or theft will be charged to the RESIDENT accordingly.
  • Any equipment left at the studio is done at the RESIDENTS own risk.

Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the studio complex. You must leave the premises to smoke. Please ensure that all your cigarette stubs are disposed of appropriately in the cigarette bin. When leaving and entering the complex, please remember that the main door must be kept shut at all times.

The studio operates a zero tolerance policy on drugs. If you are suspected of or found to be in possession of ANY CLASS of drugs on the premises, you will be asked to leave and reported to the police.

You are permitted to bring your own food and drink into the studio; however, this must not be placed on any of the equipment under any circumstances. Any damage caused to studio equipment due to spillages and negligence with food and drink will be charged as per our damages policy above. Please help us to keep the studio tidy by placing any rubbish in the bins provided. If any spillages occur theses need to be swept or mopped up immediately.

The venue on Wilder St has a maximum capacity of 70 people. It is the responsibility of any teacher or persons hiring the venue that this capacity is not breached.

Any Keys issued to a Resident for access to the studio are solely for opening and locking the studio for their allotted session. The keys remain the property of Wilder Studios and Wilder Studios retains the right to withdraw the keys at any point. A RESIDENT is not permitted to cut duplicates of any studios keys without written consent from Wilder Studios. The RESIDENT will pay a Key and Lock Replacement Fee if a key is lost, this fee will cover replacement keys for all other RESIDENTS.

Fire Procedure


1. Raise the alarm by shouting “fire” and breaking the fire alarm glass situated at the bottom of the stairs.
2. Attack the fire, if possible, with the fire appliances provided BUT without taking personal risk.


1. Call the Fire Brigade immediately.
2. Evacuate the premises, all occupants to assemble on:

The pavement in front of DECOURY HOUSE

DO NOT Stop to collect belongings
DO NOT re-enter the building


1. Dial 999
2. Give the operator your telephone number and ask for the Fire Brigade
3. When the Fire Brigade answer, give the call distinctly:

Fire at: Wilder St Studio, 27-29 Wilder St, St Paul’s BS2 8QA