Strong and Slow Vinyasa Flow

Day: Thursday
Time: 7:15pm – 8:30pm
Cost: £7 drop in or £30 for 5 sessions
Contact: Nick 07891 971998

Strong and Slow Vinyasa Flow

You deserve to feel phenomenal. Life has the potential to be calm, pain-free and thoroughly enjoyable; you are the result of 3.4 billion years of evolution and you deserve to feel like it.
With selected pieces of music, the use of different incense and scents, and breath-focused Vinyasa flow this class is designed to ground and empower you in a very real and somatic manner.

We cultivate an understanding of foundation, alignment and growth with the intention of bringing these qualities off the mat into your everyday life. All levels of experience are thoroughly welcome; classes are taught in Kramas – progressive stages of increasing complexity.

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About the teacher

When life is tough, demanding and painful it is not an enjoyable experience. When life is in-flow, giving and pain-free it is beautiful beyond measure. A switched-on, happy human being is the most beautiful thing to me and that’s why I do what I do – so far, yoga has a 100% success rate wherever and whenever I’ve seen it applied.
I’ve spent the last five years training with several different schools and teachers both in the UK and internationally, in Central and South America. I incorporate my specific learned yoga disciplines infused with my experience of shamanic work and different meditative practice to create spaces that feel safe, calm and honest. I teach what I love.

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