Vinyasa Flow with Simon Wright

Day: Wednesday
Time: 7.15pm-8.30pm
Cost: £7 per session or MoveGB
Contact: Simon on 07831774200 or

A style of Hatha Yoga, with a fusion of Astanga and Iyengar principles. Dynamic breathing, strong flowing movements combined with static poses – focusing on strength, alignment, flexibility, and well-being. Discover and enjoy the beauty of yoga as we flow through a series of asanas to attain a strong healthy body, and use Ujjayi breath (an ancient yogic breathing technique) to guide us through the physical and meditative practice. Learn to listen to your body, to know when the body is out of balance and when you are pushing yourself too far. You have the freedom to modify poses whenever necessary.

Any questions, just ask.

*Mats and blocks are provided if needed*

Please get in touch by phone, text or email with any questions you may have or to discuss your own personal needs. I will do my very best to respond as quickly as I can.

Visit Simon’s website at

About the Teacher

Simon’s own practice includes multiple lineages of yoga, he took his own personal practice further by completing his teacher training during 2016.
His path in yoga has helped him connect with himself and others on a much deeper level.
Simon’s style of teaching takes you through a deep practice where you will be encouraged to connect with your inner-self with openness, honesty, compassion and kindness.