Simon Wright Yoga

Day: Friday
Time: 6.45pm-7.45pm
Cost: £7 per session or MoveGB
Contact: Simon on 07831774200 or

A dynamic Hatha flow class which focuses on improving your physical health and well-being. Expect to flow through a series of asanas combined with yogic breathing to help achieve a clear mind and a healthy body. We will use pranayama techniques and meditation to develop a peaceful
state of mind. The structure of these classes will help you feel grounded, will help improve your flexibility and body strength. And over time there will also be subtle improvements with your posture and coordination which can easily be maintained with regular practice.

It is common knowledge that Yoga can help with many problems that can affect anyone including lower back problems, chronic pain, anxiety and depression to name just a few. I provide a safe place for you to practice yoga and to explore how yoga can help with any of these issues. During some classes, I will create opportunities for us to explore and practice the many different asanas.

Please get in touch by phone, text or email with any questions you may have or to discuss your own personal needs. I will do my very best to respond as quickly as I can.

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About the Teacher

After attending well over 1000 hours of lead practice in multiple lineages and being guided by some truly influential teachers in Bristol, Simon gained the confidence and ability to take his own personal practice even further by completing his yoga teacher training during the year 2016. Although his own practice includes many lineages he found the heart of his learnings stems from the roots of Hatha yoga. Simon also continued with his studying to extend his offerings and qualified as a massage therapist in the spring of 2017.

Yoga plays a huge role in Simon’s life, helping him to manage chronic pain and lower back issues, he finds there is always something new to learn through the practice of yoga. He firmly believes that the journey through yoga can help improve the quality of our lives and help us to better ourselves along the way. His path in yoga has helped him connect with himself and others on a much deeper level, his teaching takes you through a deep practice where he encourages us to connect with our inner-self with openness, honesty, compassion and kindness. He is very excited to be teaching yoga and feels privileged to be part of the growing yoga community in Bristol.