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Candlelight yoga


What inspired you to teach this class?

I first attended a candelight yoga class years ago.
I loved it and used to go at least once a week. I found it so relaxing and left with a completely calm mind.
When I got my yoga teaching certificate and started teaching I hadn’t really thought about teaching a candlelight yoga class. I have been teaching a hatha yoga class at Wilder Studios for 6 months now, and thought it was time to add another class. Then it struck me that a Sunday evening candlelight class would be really nice.

How does candlelight yoga differ from other yoga classes?

Candlelight yoga is yin yoga practised in the  lovely glow of candles. Yin yoga is a very different style of yoga, as it is done with relaxed muscles and poses are held for anywhere between 3 to 7 minutes. The aim of yin yoga is to tap into your yin energy, as opposed to your yang energy which is more active and outward.

Yin yoga is a completely different experience and you will find new (and equally difficult) challenges. I have always found yin a very powerful practice that allows you to really explore your body and your mind.

What can people expect from this class?

Students coming to this class will experience yin yoga, mixed with some restorative poses. All poses are sitting or lying poses, as it would be too hard to hold poses for 3 to 7 minutes otherwise. Staying in these poses with relaxed muscles means you will stretch not only your muscles but also your tendons and ligaments.

Yin yoga might sound like a soft practice, but you will find it will take you well outside your comfort zone. Think about doing happy baby for 3 minutes. The slow pace of the class combined with candlelight means it is an extremely relaxing class. Wonderful at the end of a weekend; you’ll leave feeling blissed out!

What do people need to bring to your class?

People don’t really have to bring anything in particular to the class. I do suggest students dress slightly warmer than a regular yoga class, as they will not be moving around much. Blankets and other props will be provided.

Day: Sunday
Time: 7.45pm-8.45pm
Cost: £7 per session or £25 for 5 classes
Contact: Lisette on 07831 953057 or info(at)

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