Reiki Sound Temple

Day: One Saturday a month (check timetable)
Time: 6pm – 7.15pm
Price: By donation only
Contact: Kimbers on or 07894066582

The Reiki Sound Temple is a multi-dimensional experience that supports the natural processes of self-healing and purifying on many levels. Upon entering the sacred space you will be guided into a deep meditation and taken on a journey within. Using a blend of intentional sound-scapes and Reiki energy; time and space dissolve – showing us our deepest truth and our purest nature.

You will be lying down on yoga mats so please wear comfortable clothes and feel free to bring warm scarves or blankets to ensure you are as snuggly as possible! Please note for latecomers that from 6.10pm there will be no entry to the studio.

Relax in the soft and powerful space of the heart.

Cosmic Collaborators!
Aya Zebrowska is an experienced and certified Creative Therapeutic Sound healer (ANSU School of Sound & Tribal Healing Arts) who you can find providing sound healing for a variety of dance events in Bristol and the lush healing fields of Shambala and other UK festivals.

Kimberly Rogers is a Reiki Master Teacher who in 2014 founded Kiss the Sky; dedicated to raising awareness of Reiki as an all natural approach to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Kimberly teaches Reiki as a tool for self-healing empowerment and also provides one-on-one Reiki treatments.