Day: Sunday 23rd November
Time: 2pm to 5.30pm
Cost: Suggested donation £20. You are welcome to pay what you can
For further information and booking, go to

Workshop at Wilder Studios

Have you ever wanted to become more orgasmic? What if your orgasm could be used as a powerful creative and energetic force in your life?

Discover how to experience a full body orgasm through breath and conscious use of your energy. The experience can give you a renewed aliveness, a profound sense of relaxation, powerful new insights into life, and has been known to create deep feelings of joy, love and wellbeing.

Here’s what previous participants say:

“The quickest and most pleasurable way to fully let go! And when you let go, you expand. And when you expand, you find true bliss!”Maria

“If you want to open up to getting the most out of orgasm and out of sex and life, this is for you!”David

“I feel reborn”Cerys

Energygasms are created through the most powerful faculties of your body – your breath and your mind.

During the workshop, you will be introduced to the 4 key components of the Energygasm, bringing them all together to take ourselves to new experiences of bliss, emotion and energy.

Here are a few things you might want to know…

• you do not need a partner
• you do not need to take off any clothes
• you will not be required to touch your body
If you’re thinking “Well that works for other people but it won’t work for me” then all the more reason to give it a go.

Be prepared to have a completely new kind of orgasmic experience!

About Gayatri

Gayatri has a vision of creating Heaven on Earth through each of us experiencing the fullest and most loving expression of ourselves. She weaves together bodywork and breathwork plus teachings and insights from Tantra and personal development, to create embodied experiences of transformation. As a facilitator, Gayatri known for my refreshingly down-to-earth and fun approach, joyfulness and vibrancy. Being in our bliss is a heavenly place to be!

If you have any questions, please contact Gayatri or see the website

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