Hatha flow with Jasmine

Day: Tuesday
Time: 7:30am – 8:30am
Cost: £7
Contact: Jasmine jasminehayles@gmail.com

This yoga practice is a strengthening Hatha flow, that focuses on the connection between body, mind and breath. We will move mindfully between postures whilst bringing our attention inwards leaving you feeling calm and energised.

All proceeds from this class go to Aid box community a Bristol based refugee charity.


About the Teacher

My yoga journey started 8 years ago in India. My first practice was lead by a very devoted yogi who not only introduced me to asana’s but also explained the other limbs of yoga, the importance and life changing benefits of adopting a yogic way of thinking about life and the value of self-love and inner peace and how we can share and spread this love.

My practice and personal growth started from that moment and since then my life and self-have been greatly enhanced. After many years of enjoyable practice, I decided I would love to share my practice with others and pass on the knowledge I’d gained. I trained in Rishikesh India, an experience I can’t put into words. Since then I have been very happily teaching Hatha flow, getting so much joy from helping guide people in their yogi journey.

I have decided to donate all profit from this class to a Local Refugee Charity, Aid Box Community. After being educated by them about the suffering, misplacement and turmoil of the refugee community in Bristol and in camps across Europe I wanted to help, your practice can help too.