Flow Yoga

Yoga in Bristol

Day: Wednesday
Time: 10:00am – 11:15am
Cost: Drop in £9, Four Classes for £30 or Eight Classes for £55
Contact: Jayne 07931 246836

Classes are open to all levels of experience 🙂

I offer yoga classes to all abilities from beginners to advanced yoga students, focusing on the connections between the mind, body and breath. Come and flow through fluid sequences in a safe environment where you can challenge and play with your Asana’s. We use the breath to deepen our practice, enabling us to stay more connected to the present moment.

Flow Yoga classes are dynamic and fluid. Working with Yin and Yang elements to strengthen, lengthen and expand the body and mind. Creating space and openness, increasing our range of movement and flexibility. We move through Asanas with grace and strength as we create heat in the body allowing Prana to flow freely. This class focuses on finding core stability so we can have the strength for balancing in advanced Asanas. A class that allows you to let go, breathe and feel free as you dance your way through Asanas.

Visit Jayne’s website at: www.jaynebeccayoga.com

About the Teacher

I have been practising yoga in some shape or form for years, knowing it or not my heart has always been drawn to the yogic lifestyle. Through my own yoga practice, I have beaten my own body image demons to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Yoga to me is so much more than being super bendy and doing crazy inversions. It is about uncovering who you really are, it is about being kind to yourself so that you can then be kind to others and live your life with a sense of compassion and gratitude. Leading with your heart. Moving from your middle, with all that you have, in every direction you can!

With a new found confidence and my passion for inspiring others, I took a leap of faith and under took my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Mercedes Ngoh (TriYoga London and Yeotown Devon). During March 2016 I studied with Tara Stiles (Strala NYC) in Amsterdam and completed my Strala Yoga intensive training, becoming a Strala guide. I am always a student at heart and regularly take classes and workshops. I am always looking to deepen my own practice and knowledge of yoga and translate this into my classes. I am a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. I am also fully insured and first aid trained.

Strala Intensive 2016
200-hour RYT Vinyasa Flow Yoga 2014