Osho Dynamic Meditation

Days: Most but not all Sundays
Time: 9am- 10am
Cost: £4.50
Contact: Call Islam 0117 955 0490 or Annie 07979 201 948

Please check www.osho-meditation-bristol.co.uk 

Find your inner calm at one of our classes

Dynamic Meditation is a one hour active meditation designed to release inner blocks and inhibitions. If you feel that you would like to let go of the old, become the flower that you can sense within, then please join us. Absolutely EVERYONE is welcome – just wear loose comfortable clothing and come a few minutes early if it is your first time. The session involves deep breathing, catharsis, jumping, dance and stillness. The eyes are closed at all times as it is an inner experience. There is no need to book a space feel free to drop in to any session.

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