Date: Feb 7th
Time: 2pm-4pm
Cost: £15

Hello Wilder Studio Lovelies, I am excited about my AuraTransformation & Energy Mastery Talk & Workshop on Feb 7th. AuraTransformation is a ground­ – breaking Permanent & Radical Expansion of your Consciousness. It increases your Radiance, Materialisation Power, Drive & Intuition together with Physical Action. Aura workshop

It greatly helps you live joyfully & in balance in these times of accelerated, high frequency growth.

I will share The Benefits of an Indigo & Crystal Aura Upgrade, Indications an Upgrade would be helpful, How the Process works, What Happens After & Simple Tools for Taking Care of Your Energy no matter what is going on in & around you.

I look forward to meeting you on the 7th Feb. Pre-Booking is essential (latest 29th Jan).
Click here for more Info & Booking

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