Day: Saturday 27th September
Time: 12.30 – 7.30pm
Cost: £75 (income over £25k/year), or £60 (income under £25k/year). Early-bird: A £10 discount applies to either price if you pay in full before 12th September.

Places must be booked in advance.

This one-day workshop explores the potential of conscious kink and sacred BDSM as techniques for:

experiencing ecstasy – practising trust and surrender – shamanic journeying – stepping into your power – exploring the ‘shadow’ – creating sacred ritual – cathartic release – improving communication – playing and having fun – opening to intimacy

Contrary to popular myth, conscious kink need not be limited to the arena of sexual relationship, and can be practiced consensually with anyone, so long as appropriate boundaries are agreed beforehand. It quickly facilitates the dropping away of layers of ʻ‘politenessʼ’ and social conditioning, enabling us to meet and fall in love with the raw, passionate, vulnerable and powerful heart shining inside each of us.

The communication and honouring of each othersʼ boundaries will form a core part of the day, as we journey through giving and receiving, exploring sensation, trust and surrender, sensing energy, control, impact technique, safe-words, and creating sacred space. This workshop is designed for people who have:

  • Experience of tantra, who would like to explore techniques beyond traditional tantra.
  • Experience of kink as a part of sex, but not of using it as a sacred or healing practice.
  • No experience of either kink or tantra, but who feel drawn to learning about kink and bdsm in a guided, conscious, alcohol- and drug-free environment.

People of all genders and orientations, singles, couples and others are all equally welcome.
Rupert co-facilitates The Oxford Tantra Wave and has been holding sacred space for over twenty years. He has studied with many teachers of meditation, yoga, martial arts, embodied movement, ecstatic dance, tantra, conscious kink and ecstatic BDSM.

An Introduction to Conscious Kink at Wilder Studios

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