Day: Saturday 3rd Feb
Time: 1:45-4:45
Booking: Here

NIMBA is really proud to host another fabulous dance workshop in Bristol on Saturday 3rd February 2018. What treat!!
NIMBA presents our very special guest, who some of you will already know, Mohamed Kouyate! We will also have our very own master dancer, Almamy Camara. Mohamed and Almamy will both be teaching traditional dance from their homeland of Guinea Conakry.

3rd February 2018 in Bristol (Wilder Studios 27-29 Wilder Street, BS2 8QA Bristol)
13:45-15:45 – Dance class with Almamy Camara
15:45-16:15 – break time
16:15-18:15 – Dance class with Mohamed Kouyate

Mohamed Kouaye is Mandinke griot born in Kindia, in Guinea. He is one of the most recognizable and respected Guinean dance masters around the world. He has been highly acclaimed by djembe master Mamady Keita He worked with Nimba before in many beautiful projects. He lives in Paris and teaches Guinean dance in Centre Momboye. He has his own artistic group that performs traditional dance and music from Guinea. He began dancing from childhood, he loved to dance so much that he didn’t agree with his parent’s will. They wanted him to continue music line in his family but Mohamed wanted to be a dancer. From the age of 7, he began his professional training with the SAAMATO ballet. In his professional career, he worked with the greatest Guinean choreographers such as ITALO ZAMBO; MORCIRE CAMARA and FRANKIS MAGLOIRE.
He danced for SOLEIL D’AFRIQUE and he became his main choreographer. He was also Artistic Director of WASSA PERCUSSIONS of GUINEA.

Almamy Camara comes from a family of dancers and has been dancing all his life. He started formal training at age 15 and quickly rose to the level of lead soloist with the ballet with which he trained, Ballet Nafaya. He then went on to dance with two national ensembles, Ballet National Djoliba and Percussion de Guinée before becoming choreographer for the world famous Circus Baobab. During this time he also founded and directed many private ballets and groups including AJK Danse, Ballet Touruna, Percussion de Coursa, Ballet Labaya, Ballet Frigyagbe and Tamtam Plus. He then left Guinea for Senegal where he became the artistic director of Ballet Bougarabou and Gambia where he was artistic director of Tamala Drum and Dance. Almamy has won several prizes for his dancing, including best actor/dancer in the Festival d’Alliances of 2003, a festival in which all the private ballets in Conakry compete, and he has been highly acclaimed by Djembe master Mamady Keita. Since arriving in the UK in August 2012 he has become a key member of the UK’s leading Guinean ballet troupe, Ballet Nimba. He also teaches in the community and educational settings across the UK.

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